Kate Smith - Artist

Pastel & Pencil Fine Art

Welcome to Kate Smith - Artist

Kate Smith is a national award-winning, contemporary realism pastel artist, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Six years ago, Kate left her careers as a Veterinary nurse and Zoologist in order to pursue her passion for painting more fully. With the depth of detail achievable from pastel and with her love of the natural world, she is able to create emotive figurative and wildlife works of art. Known for her ongoing series on hands for which she is gaining international recognition, she is aiming to repeat that success with her series on New Zealand birds.


  • Kate is currently taking a short break from producing artwork as she has recently had a baby boy. Kate intends to continue to produce small pencil artworks before continuing with her pastel work in the near future.

Where To Find Kate's Work

  • The Fernery - Art & Craft Gallery, Stuart Island, New Zealand.
  • Wingspan - Birds of Prey Trust, Rotorua, New Zealand.
  • Longueville Gallery, Tai Tapu, New Zealand
  • Artfind Website